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Health Care

"Health is wealth". Health care is the maintenance or improvement of health and body by taking proper prevention , diagnosis and treatment of any disease , illness , injury or other parameters . It is taken care by healthcare professionals and includes work done in providing complete health care solutions with good quality service , delivering quality medicines and by efficient use of technology . Lacking in health related services can affect negatively to the over-all well being of an individual. An efficient health care system can contribute to a significant part of a country's economy , development and industrialization. In a country like India high demographic pressure , illiteracy , environmental pollution , ego and selfishness between the masses have considerably been dependable for generating multi-dimensional diseases .

Good health is vital to every individual. Health care systems are complex and there are a lot of things the we need to know and understand about how a hospital functions? How to improve patient care ? How to improve legal issues ? and other health care sector related problems . We need to focus on how to enhance the quality of each health care sector . The hospitals and clinics also permit in creating awareness and alertness by educating the masses through cultural services and awareness programs .We all are conscious of the truth that till now we have not been successful in providing best health services , and this can be due to bad health policy , cost of service , bad infrastructure , improper machinery and several other problems . It is high time that we must try to re-establish the health centers and connect them with big towns and cities . A hospital is an institution which is operated for medical, surgical or other care of in-patients. The hospitals may have different amenities and facilities but it is not essential that all the required amenities are made available to them. The hospital administration/ managers are supposed to be well aware of the fact that how and in what way unproductive expenses are made to be optimal to the changing requirements. The wastage of medicines, water, light, poor maintenance and operations of machines and stores etc increases the operational cost.

Good health is vital to every individual , but there is much more to good health . There are five dimensions to good health namely - Physical , Intellectual , Emotional , Social and Spiritual , explore them for a better and happier future. Our body and mind are tuned to send us signals for any non functional activity, generally called Symptoms. It's important to read and understand them in time. to ensure balance of mind, spirit and body.

1 Physical : Physical health refers to the state of the body-its composition, development,functions and maintenance.

Following are ways to ensure good physical health.

Eat nutritious food to keep the body and mind energized.
Never skip meals or over eat.
Fitness through exercise will increase immunity and endurance level of the body.
Regular medical checkups can help in arresting an illness, in its early stage.
Sleep at least 7 hours uninterrupted daily.
Avoid addictive substances.

2. Intellectual : This is a connected process of understanding & ability to develop skills and knowledge to enhance one's life . Our intellectual capacity helps to stimulate our creativity and insight in decision making
.Following are the ways to ensure good intellectual health. Setting realistic goals will go a long way in life planning .
Explore every opportunity with an open mind .
Be aware of demands and expectations from you .
A positive outlook , especially when dealing with conflicts.

3. Emotional : Our ability to accept and cope with our own and others feelings is defined as emotional well being. Emotions contribute to almost all aspects of our life , at times , even setting course of action . Symptoms of emotional problems like - hopelessness , depression , anxiety and even suicidal tendencies are not always easily detectable .
Awareness and acceptance of our strength and shortcoming, is essential for our emotional well being.
Ability to handle stress and seek help, if needed .
Build strong communication network among family ,friends and peers.

4. Social : To build and maintain satisfying relationships comes naturally to us as we are social animals .Being socially accepted is also connected to our emotional well-being.
We should increase our ability to interact with people and their ideas.
Accept and understand diverse cultural norms.
Build networks among different kinds of people.
Adopt a positive self images.
Enhance interpersonal communication skills .

5. Spiritual : Our good health is incomplete without being spiritually healthy. To seek meaning and purpose of life is termed as being spiritual.Spiritual health refers to our personal belief and value, our own acceptance or rejection of the creation . There is no prescribed ways to attain spiritual well being .

Life as we know is a puzzle; health dimensions are like separate pieces , that need to be fitted together to make meaning. Though we all seek a harmonious balance between the mind, body and spirit, to lead an optimal fulfilled life, its rarely attained in totality. Our own feelings of weakness and non-acceptance of life's events, causes such distress in our daily life .Little understanding of the roles these dimensions play, will perhaps lead us to what we seek the most viz Health & Happiness.