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Change the life of someone in your hometown or across the country. Improve the life of millions of people worldwide, allowing them to be faster and smarter than they ever thought they could be and to do things they never dreamed of they would.

Passion to achieve

We come to work with energy & enthusiasm because we witness everyday how meaningful our work is to all those who depend on us , our company and our products.

OnBoarding Advantages

Carrier opportunities

Our business operates through many different functions and capabilities , which allows you to explore carrier in various fields. You can discover opportunities in research , technology , administration , engineering , sales &marketing , human resources and more.

Generating & developing skills

The important way of moving up in your carrier is developing your work skills .Getting involved in a group is a great way to build your team work skills . Communication , planning & organizing , solving problems and learning to make negotiations are some of the skills you will need to develop as you are in chare of managing your carrier.

Expert training

Training helps develop employee performance - an employee who receives necessary training is able to perform their job at a completely new level . Training involves - develop learning objectives , design training materials , implement training action , generating feedbacks , practice ,improve and repeat the process.

Career opportunities in tapmantra

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Strategy & planning
  Lead Generation
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  Executive marketing manager
  Regional marketing manager
Internship & Training
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  4 Months
  Executive sales manager
  Regional sales manager
  system Designers
  content Designers
  Packaging manager
  Delivery manager
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Creating an easier and more engaging buying experience for customers.


Aligning, connecting right and simplifying selling efforts for e-commerce functions.


Digital sales and marketing offer greater potential thereby increasing revenue through a customer centric platform.


Increasing customer engagement via mobile app through personalization & one click approach.


Increase the checkout to order conversions and creating a flexible, engaging and profitable platform.

How are we different from others?

We require service assistance in a variety of situations to keep ourselves in a well orderly manner. If it is orderly maintained, it is very cheap and if we do not take time to maintain it, it will be damaged or becomes very expensive to fix it back. Years of experience has tuned our strategy to produce the best outcome both in terms of services and experiences.

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