Are you interested in a career where you can improve people's life? Try working for Tapmantra.

Tapmantra is a hyperservice online (web/app) platform that provides 200+ services and over 5000+ home grocery ,electronics ,fashion and many more shopping solutions.Let is be buying of your monthly grocery, food, drinks or buying of your self an electronics or let it be fashion shopping, you get to do all these things with tapmantra.The main significance of the online maketplace is to provide the right assistance with high satisfaction to its beloved customers. In tapmantra, visitors will be able to find what they require and also decreases the chances of someone leaving your site frustrated. With tapmantra it becomes easy for the customer who prefers to use professional services in making their living space better and healthier. It becomes easier to enjoy living in a clean and pleasant atmosphere without even lifing your hand.

Bringing on a trusted service provider can make a huge difference in the look and feel of any place.Tapmantra is a good service provider that will encorporate all the criteria for the list of service you prefer to undertake.Tapmantra helps you create a positive user experience for your visitors and help them easily find what they are looking for.


Change the life of someone in your hometown or across the country. Improve the life of millions of people worldwide, allowing them to be faster and smarter than they ever thought they could be and to do things they never dreamed of they would.

We come to work with energy & enthusiasm because we witness everyday how meaningful our work is to all those who depend on us , our company and our products.

Tapmantra is a new service provider which helps you meet your desired services with high quality work and expert service professionals.These professionals are highly trained in better customer handling and also provides essential standard of care for everyone in your home.Before considering what type of service provider you need, you must do your own research to find out the best service provider.When you are looking for a service provider it is very important to remember that it is able to provide the very best care and assistance from a professional who comes and performs the work.If the service provider is able to handle more services it would be very convenient for your current needs and all your works will be sorted out all-together.Tapmantra has tried its level best to sort all the basic services which you require in your day to day life and also has tried to connect with you the best network of trusted and experienced professionals.The main prominance of the tapmantra is on how to deliver the right services with high satisfaction to its beloved customers.

People love the place in which they live and work so if something goes wrong they will surely fix it themselves if its a small work or call an expert professional if the work is more.In our daily walks of life we require service assistance in a variety of situations in order to keep our living space neat , clean & tidy.If these things are evenly and orderly maintained,its wont cost much of your penny , if it gets damaged - later becomes very expensive to fix it back.Now a days every customer wishes to get the right service assistance in their busy schedule of work, with tapmantra your work becomes very easy, fast and convenient.The benefits of hiring a service professional from tapmantra is that the work is usually guaranteed.

OnBoarding Advantages

Carrier opportunities

Our business operates through many different functions and capabilities , which allows you to explore carrier in various fields. You can discover opportunities in research , technology , administration , engineering , sales &marketing , human resources and more.

Generating & developing skills

The important way of moving up in your carrier is developing your work skills .Getting involved in a group is a great way to build your team work skills . Communication , planning & organizing , solving problems and learning to make negotiations are some of the skills you will need to develop as you are in chare of managing your carrier.

Expert training

Training helps develop employee performance - an employee who receives necessary training is able to perform their job at a completely new level . Training involves - develop learning objectives , design training materials , implement training action , generating feedbacks , practice ,improve and repeat the process.

Career opportunities in tapmantra

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